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Thai Feet Massage

Thai Feet Massage

Thai Feet Massage

Traditional Thai massage is based on the principles of reflexology, holistic techniques of compression acting on the whole body. It is a combination of foot, calve and thigh massages.

It’s helping their functioning and improving the circulation of fluids in the body.

A massage with elements of acupressure, where, apart from the feet the ankles, calves, thighs and toes are also massaged. Oil extract of mint, balm with menthol and camphor and beeswax are used for the massage.  It has a great effect on starting the flow of energy between the energy channels of the feet with those located on the body. If you're feeling tired legs, this is the perfect massage for you! It helps to relax tense muscles, has a positive effect on their performance and it’s extremely relaxing after a long day! It is recommended both for people with a sedentary life and all those who spend most of the day standing or walking.

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