Hawaiian Massage – LOMI LOMI

Hawaiian Massage – LOMI LOMI

The history of the Lomi Lomi massage dates back thousands of years, when it was performed by shamans called kahunami in ancient Hawaiian temples. It is extremely relaxing, so it has many healing properties for the body, mind and spirit.



Massage details:

This massage is very gentle and delicate, and today, in Hawaii it is jokingly referred to as the touch of a happy cat’s paw. Lomi Lomi however, can also be strong massage – everything depends on the needs and wishes of the person being massaged. The use of forearms is a characteristic technique for the Lomi Lomi massage. It is very fluid and harmonious, which distinguishes it from other massages.

The Hawaiian massage is a relaxing massage, but one must not forget about its great therapeutic value. Lomi Lomi massage affects many levels of the functioning and existence of man.

Physically, it is a healing effect on the body, reduces stress, blockades and tension, it reaches hidden diseases and promotes healing.

Emotionally, it helps to calm down, cut off from negative feelings and emotions, and gives peace and comfort.

Spiritually, it breaks the pattern of blockages, improves and strengthens the flow of energy, and helps to achieve harmony.

Lomi Lomi massage will provide you with deep relaxation and revitalization, fill your body and mind with new energy. You will feel revival and joy.



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