Price list


Thai Back Massage  (1h) 199 
Thai foot and leg massage (1h) 199 
Traditional Thai Massage (1h) 199 
Thai Aroma Oil Massage (1h) 249 
Balinese Massage (1h) 259 
Hawaiian Massage – LOMI LOMI (1h) 259 
Japanese Massage – SHIATSU (1h) 259 
Thai Hot Coconut Oil Massage (1h) 279 
Thai Anti-Cellulite Massage (1h) 279 
Thai Sport Massage (1h) 279 
Thai Aloe Vera Massage (1h) 289 
Thai Candle Massage (1h) 299 
Thai Gold Oil Massage (1h) 319 
Thai Argan Oil Massage (1h) 329 
Thai Sesame Oil Massage (1h) 329 


*all prices quoted are gross prices and apply to one person massage


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