Thai Hot Coconut Oil Massage

Thai Hot Coconut Oil Massage

A relaxing massage with warm coconut oil is an extremely aromatic treatment that combines techniques of acupressure and features of the Ayurvedic massage. In addition, coconut oil provides hydration and skin firming.



Massage details:

This procedure is extremely relaxing and regenerative. The technique of long, stroking movements is used to relieve the negative effects of stressful situations and calm the nerves. Soft music is additionally relaxing and calming. It improves the immune system and the nervous system. Incredibly relaxing and de-stressing. It stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation by accelerating the process of ridding the body of excess water. Coconut oil has many positive qualities. It has a beneficial effect on our skin, inhibits the appearance of stains on it, moisturizes and smoothes. Coconut oil is a natural source of antioxidants, which fight free radicals, slowing the aging process of the skin, at the same time causing it to become firm and elastic.

Thai massage with coconut oil is recommended for people with an active lifestyle, expecting the massage to de-stress the mind and body while also nurturing the skin. The use of coconut oil on the skin of the whole body perfectly moisturizes and smoothes, it improves its firmness and elasticity. A massage with hot coconut oil is especially recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin.



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