Thai Gold Oil Massage

Thai Gold Oil Massage

Unique massage using oil with 24-karat gold, improving the microstructure of the skin – after the treatment the skin is visibly more moisturized and smooth. Long stroking movements accelerate the excretion of excess water from the body and unload stress.



Massage details:

This is a unique relaxing and regenerating treatment. The technique of long, stroking movements is used to relieve the negative effects of stressful situations and calm the nerves. The treatment beautifying the skin using 24-carat gold is a comprehensive massage and a luxurious sensation stimulating cellular metabolism in the skin. Incredibly relaxing and de-stressing. It stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation by accelerating the process of ridding the body of excess water.

This method of using gold has a revitalizing and illuminating effect on the skin, consequently reducing the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging of skin. This treatment improves appearance and self-attractiveness increases.

The treatment results in visible effects, such as:  clearly hydrated and smooth skin, sensational firmness and increased elasticity of the skin all over the body, regeneration and improvement of the microstructure of the skin, visible improvement in skin tone.



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